Online Learning

Welcome. This website is the resource base for virtual presentation tips for students. Techniques used by education radio producers in the past.

  1.  Informs online small screen presence.
  2. Shows ways performance online engages students.
  3. Demonstrates how understanding spoken and written English is  key to effective online student learning.

Current Projects:

  1. Published 2nd Feb, 2022. Becoming a Learning Magician: An Alternative to Head-to-Head Online Teachingin Handbook of Research on Adapting Remote Learning Practices for Early Childhood and Elementary School Classrooms, IGI Global. Chapter 3 Here
  2. British Library BBC School Radio Archive Project in Research Area
    Sharing classroom teaching skills taught to teacher-producers in BBC School Radio. Celebrating BBC100 centenary year!

  3. Coming soon The 70:20:10 Webinar Design chapter in Springer  Industry Practices, Processes and Techniques Adopted in Education – Supporting innovative teaching and learning practice.

Education Video Contexts

Recent Projects:

  1. Howarth, M. S. (2021) ’45 ̊ Learning: a guide to organising teaching online in the Covid pandemic, including peer observation revision’, Work Based Learning e-Journal, VOLUME 10, ISSUE 1 45 ̊ Learning
  2. Presenter UCISA Webinar Design to Promote Quality Engagement July 2020 UCISA SPOTLIGHT
  3. Presenter Student Engagement online FE Community, June 2020 YouTube
  4. Writing for Employability. Video PDF Script & Slides 19th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference – 6th September 2019, Middlesex University.
  5. See Teach like a Video Journalist Thinks  in Internet Learning Journal AUPS
  6. iPad Pro for Academic Writing Feedback Project School of Education, Middlesex University.
  7. Video for Learning resources for the Erasmus ABCtoVLE Project at University College, London.


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