Save Beane Marshes Hertford

Our objective  – to conserve and enhance the land for the benefit of ecology and wildlife. Benefit of the local community. Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) who have visited the site. Beane Marshes are praised it for biodiversity value.  HMWT will own and manage the site if possible.   Beane Marshes Conservation Group believes wildlife is to flourish, if there is no public access exception for visits for ecological education purposes. If HMWT do take on the site, then we would hope to hold a community meeting together with them to gauge  opinion and decide a way forward. We need to raise funds to be paid within 8 months. Can I donate? Yes please we are crowdfunding: You’re welcome to join our Facebook group for updates: Video by Dr Mike Howarth commissioned by Beane Marshes Conservation Group Ltd

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