Magic Mystery Tour Hertford: 25,000 + visitors on the 26th August 2016

Kevin Saunders & Rob Guinn and a team of keen supporters run the Hertford Music Festival. Each year since 2013 more successful than the last. First of several videos to attract sponsorship, build the business model and celebrate the success of the project.

To test recent Mac Pro upgrade from 4 – core CPU with an 8 – core cpu and RAM from 32GB to 48GB, plus 1TB SSD drive for system applications and current video editing projects by Just Fix Mac, Hatfield I used Final Cut Pro X on this all day film job – 188 source clips from 3 cameras, to achieve first rough edit here.
The result 88 edit clips in 2 hours from standing start, to give an impression of the event for Kev and Rob to top and tail. Glen Matlock’s ‘Ambition’ says it all for the event’s success.