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Implications for University Community Projects
Little Hadham Virtual Village Hall
Live Video Streaming for Community Use


The Let’s Talk Menopause by the Stort Valley and Villages Primary Care Network is using a self-contained practical scheme begun by Little Hadham Village Hall project in 2021 to use the hall as a virtual place to overcome the isolation of local residents during the pandemic. Let’s Talk Menopause is turning out to become very significant piece of real world research – with the first event I must produce are a series of four NHS community sessions. The subject is the very important topical subject of the menopause! 

I was asked to assist the project as an education producer with the task to create case studies for online events in 2021.
I saw the project had relevance to discussions at the time for themes about HE and FE Community teaching during the pandemic. 
In 2022, I now see the very real practical technical experience of this project can inform HE return to hybrid classroom teaching.
This is the subject of my quite separate Ufi bid with  staff at the University of Hertfordshire Business School Ironically,  Ufi bid stalled because of “lack of evidence of need“.  
Now  the enthusiasm  of the local NHS Let’s Talk Menopause team might be the  highly significant ‘evidence of need’ in a major change in direction for active learning educational provision.

The project is led by Hamish McKinley, a highly professional technical engineer. 
Dr Mike Howarth

Exciting developments reported in a short paper and video. The result of a visit to advise on education production issues.

Latest Events Diary
20th July  Meeting Note 20th July 
2nd August. Further developments. Changing original high level PTZ camera positions ( as used in most universities) to be  lower with significant benefit to sense of involvement and participation for local residents in the hall and at home.
1. Moving PTZ positions, lighting and sound for a) lecture, b) audience questions, c) two person conversation interview. These are simple but pretty ground breaking discoveries.
2. How  inexperienced staff to take control of room cameras using an iPhone digital switcher.
3. Gather evidence for another further funding bids.

5th August. 
Online discussion with NHS staff.
1. Discussion of live event and round table sound and light and recording provision for 60 participants.
2. Planning for streaming after experience gained in the live events.

Video of the latest  Village Hall PTZ set up Dur: 17 mins