Ironing board thinking: A 45˚ Learning approach to creative teaching. The Ironing Board of Online Distance Learning. (Trade Mark applied for)



Lecturers work together: buddy system based on working environment at BBC School Radio fosters creative ideas .

Create memorable moments: A matter of attitude.and is more fun.

Video interviews with retired BBC colleagues for the British Library project lead me to draw together ways School Radio teacher/producers became creative. The process. Its features. The transferability to modern distance learning – online teaching, and for HE lecturing even with limited resources.

Extra Significance.The growing realisation that as the new teaching year approaches the knowledge and skills scattered around these pages maybe especially relevant for trainee teachers who may expect to be taught how to teach online themselves.

Online Teaching for Engagement

“BBC training for an Education Radio Producer is relevant to online teaching in HE. Methods of engagement are particularly valuable both for lecturers and to meet future demands of trainee teachers required to teach online ”.

 A proposal for the Middlesex UKPSF Recognition Scheme (MURS).

Each web page features video examples of good practice, and practical demonstrations of creative methods. The relevance of a visceral approach to creative online teaching is explored:

    1. 20 years making education radio broadcasts, their publications and the first computer software.
    2. Open University BBC Production Centre HE Multimedia.
    3. 8 years of FE teaching.
    4. UCL Video HEA Consultancy for ARENA staff training 2013-19.
    5. Current: Dissertation Support Team Tutor, School of Health and Education.

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Some videos are transcribed. Scripts exist for some videos. Ways to write scripts quickly are demonstrated as good practice. Some captioning contain information in videos demonstrate how to create quality teaching resources. See MDX website statement The site isn’t currently fully usable for users with access needs and will be revised to fully comply with the MDX Accessibility Policy.