Editing an Academic PowerPoint for Greater Impact

Learn how to create engaging powerpoint videos as a teaching resource. A proposal for training academic and elearning staff to prepare for September.
First take a brief look at the sample of a real event 1st July:

ucisa Spotlight Webinar Design to Promote Quality Engagement Towards a Transactional Model and Toolkit.

Scrub through the video to get the general impression. Then the three stages of the process.

Original PowerPoint with text annotation and Voice Over. Identify the changes to be made. Here the thinking behind changes.

Scrub through to get the general idea of this rambling analysis and the reconstruction problem.

Slides being changed around on the lightable.

Now look at the reconstruction of the PowerPoint on the light table with verbal talk through. 6 mins

A final version will see a tight spoken script read out and recorded as a sound track, then has the revised images reorganised in a tight time frame.The whole process is
A) takes an academic big lecture great for the big hall, but hopeless for the small online screen.
B) Applying normal BBC Education Radiovision principles instinctively known to everyone.

Methods of reorganising the event for greater impact

There are other ways to organise an online session. It requires more peraration but essential a much more rigorous attitude
A) The event been driven not allowed to happen
B) Interaction with members directly or guided by the host. Reduced use of Chat.
C) Active preparations for dealing with inevitable technical issues.
The video below is created in iPad Pro