Bloomsbury Learning Exchange: practice sharing 16th July Thursday 11.45am

Looking forward to sharing ideas with you. This event organised by the excellent Julian Bream.
With support material videos showing writing spoken English scripts also on this page. This page has been through several updating stages. First stage is the top video taster sent out to participants the day before. Second stage is the video of the actual event. Note that this video has been added to with ideas for reflective practice  and organising future resources.   Third stage are follow up videos resources wit  vital components difficult to get across during the event. The whole page is now a resource for: further teaching for emailing the page links to participants, MDX staff and for students too. A very successful 45 minutes with many appreciative comments from home and abroad.

STAGE 1: Taster Video. Dr Mike Howarth

Video Dur: 1 min

Why not send me a sample of one element of your teaching videos, PowerPoints, or session plans?
Feedback is possible within the hour. You will not see the online world the same way again.

STAGE 2: The BLE event recording. Dur: 1hr

Look out for extra text overlays and additions of second camera. Also extra section post event at the end.

STAGE 3: Your Online Teaching Future 1

The Importance of Spoken English Script Writing for Effective Online Teaching
Item three in my BLE presentation needs more explanation: why spoken English is so fundamental to university teaching? Why writing spoken English in a ‘Clean English’ style the first stage to support academic written English with students? The reason is easier to demonstrate. If you do it yourself you will experience the brevity and clarity that media and business are taken through. A BBC Education producer worked this way from day one. You watch me create the spoken word and edit text to make Clean Englsih in an academic context. How quick. How it empowers you. The content is of also of the greatest significance to you. A rough and ready iPad Pro screen capture shows the first draft evolving as I work on it. Dur: 10.33

Your Online Teaching Future 2

The script structure emerges in the second rewrite
The message is now focussed following ” The last becomes the first rule”. Follow the process through to the end. The structure starts to appear: Good start. Interesting impact in the middle. The end always leave them with something special. Next stage will be to hone the text further: cutting out all the weasel words, shortening the sentences and add the visuals to Show not Tell each point. Use this method on your next PowerPoint video. Dur: 7.46

Your Online Teaching Future 3

Spoken script emerges
Watch the methods of creating a soundtrack first. How to structure information for students. Hit the message with Clean English. A delightfully engagement in thinking about the audience while involving yourself in reflective practice clarify your thoughts and define academic objectives. Dur: 6.33 The next stage you could achieve in PowerPoint using blank slides as a the story board and build up images from the script. Just like the Laura Kuenssberg location film team do every day.