Digital Camera Challenge

A day of focused tasks matched to your skills and designed to extend your knowledge.
Learn tips of the trade, make the most of your kit. Turn your ideas into reality.

Courtyard Arts: Saturday 6th August 10am – 4pm Tutor: Mike Howarth

Checklist: Bring flash memory card, battery charger, computer cable, camera, manual and laptop if you have one.


Some essential knowledge of the Field:


Base TechnicalsTricks of the TradeHuman

Depth of Field

Keep your camera ready

Dealing with people

ApertureKeep hand on the cameraTalking
Shutter speedThink of the next shotMaking things happen
Film speedLookingGetting your own way
Camera MenuLots of shotsNobody helps a photographer
Bright conditionsMove aboutPeople are human. Be pleasant
Dark conditionsLook around the frameAsk permission
Depth 13 cluesGolden MeanCarry ID
ColourFocus on the eyesBeing in the World
ContrastUpside down reviewWatch
Landscape PortraitSquintAwareness of sun time seasons
SquareFalling out of the pictureAwareness of space
SymmetryProjectsInner dialogue
Patterns – fractalsTripods are not for wimpsSketching and Writing
Lens + min shutter speedOnly 12 pic storyPractitioners, Photo, Design, Art
Computer SoftwareUse camera eyes closedReading
 Your eye & brain not the camera 
 Pictures are made 
 Notebook and pen