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Make Metaphor in Video Work

Based on professional practice and the eye of a hands-on thinker, video is a tool to develop your teaching ideas and support effective student learning.
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    Recent Projects:
  1. SeeTeach like a Video Journalist thinks in Internet Learning Journal AUPS
  2. Routledge Teaching and Learning On-Line chapter: Metaphor and neuroscience: a message to online learning

Enjoyable activities that develop thinking and ideas. How to turn them into useful teaching and learning video tools.
Develop video tools that make new methods of communication possible.
Create learning resources quickly and easily to high standards.

    Recent Projects:
  1. Video for Learning at University College, London
  2. Video for Learning at Middlesex University

Understand what neuroscience has to say about learning and metaphor.
Re-establish a link that has been overlooked and harness the power of metaphor in video.

    Recent Projects:
  1. International Marketing videos for
    Thailand, CNN, and China, with AR-CA (Antony Reeve-Crook Associates) author of Where Markets Meet
  2. Video for new business development
  3. Local Community Activities and Development