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Enjoyable methods to use the way we naturally think and develop ideas. How to turn them into useful teaching and learning tools.
Develop tools that make new methods of communication possible.
Explore the ability of Dragon Dictate and the Wacom Inkling to communicate with students.
Create learning resources quickly and easily to new standards that engage.

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Understand what neuroscience has to say about learning and metaphor.
Re-establish a link that has been overlooked and harness the power of metaphor as a teaching tool.
Read the thole pin example (Click icon) .tholepinpaperlink
At a recent conference a keynote speaker used 46 metaphors in 45 minutes. No-one noticed, but what a great presentation.

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Current Project: Routledge Teaching and Learning On-Line chapter: Metaphor and neuroscience: a message to online learning


Everyone is using video. But make video work in a deeper way for you.
Based on professional practice and the eye of a hands-on thinker, video can become a tool to develop your ideas and communicate with confidence.
Get behind the camera, look through the lens and tailor the tool to meet your needs.
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Current Projects:

  1. Video resources for UCL staff: working to CALT Director Dr Dilly Fung See Recent Conference video
  2. EduMedia Multimodal teaching methods workshop event